Where Every Great Burger Tells a Story


We source many products locally including our beef, bison, lamb and hamburger buns. In addition, we provide many house made offerings including sauces, dressings & desserts. 



Chapter One: Prologue


Fried Pickles — 6.95

Our house made dill pickles with housemade, spicy breading; served with ranch


Pimento Cheese with Spiced Tomato Jam — 8.95

House made pimento cheese topped with Fogwood Food Spiced Tomato Jam; served with pita chips


Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese — 8.95

Crispy fried green tomatoes topped w/house made pimento cheese & drizzled w/Fogwood Food Spiced Tomato Jam



Chapter Two: Accomplices

House Made Dressing Choices: basil balsamic, honey mustard & ranch


Cobb Salad — Small 5.00 / Large 10.00

Mixed greens · chicken · tomatoes · bacon · bleu cheese crumbles · red onion · hardboiled egg · choice of dressing

Loaded Potato Soup — Cup 3.00 / Bowl 6.00

House made potato soup topped w/bacon, shredded cheddar & jalapeños

Grilled Cheese — 4.50

Our bun w/cheddar or American cheese; option to add mayo, pickles, tomato or bacon (1.25)



Chapter Three: The Plot 


One substitution or deletion allowed on specialty burgers · Burgers are cooked to order & include a side of hand cut fries (& one fry condiment) or sweet potato salad; sub side salad (1.50),

sweet potato fries (1.75) or cup of loaded potato soup or chili (3.00)


The Jane Austen — 10.95

beef patty topped w/bacon, marinated mushrooms, lettuce, jalapeño aioli & pepper jack cheese

The Fannie Flagg — 10.95

beef patty topped w/bacon, fried green tomato, pickled jalapeños & house made pimento cheese

The Amy Tan — 13.95

bison patty topped w/lettuce, tomato, red onion, jalapeno aioli & pepper jack cheese


Author Your Own “Me” Burger


Beef (8.50) · House made Veggie Patty (8.50) · Chicken (9.50) · Tuna (10.00) · Lamb (11.00) · Bison (13.00)

Includes a side of hand cut fries (& 1 fry condiment) or sweet potato salad; sub side salad (1.50), sweet potato fries (1.75) or cup of loaded potato soup or chili (3.00)


Complimentary Toppings — lettuce, tomato, raw red onion, house made dill pickles, ranch, mayo, ketchup, mustard


Sauces (.75 each) — honey mustard, jalapeño aioli


Toppings (1.00 each) — fried egg, pickled jalapeños, marinated mushrooms, caramelized/grilled onions, fried green tomato


Toppings (1.25 each) — bacon (2 slices)

Cheeses — American & sharp cheddar (.75); bleu cheese, pimento cheese, pepper jack cheese (1.00)