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Who is Me?

We get asked that a lot…


For us, "Me" is simply an affectionate nickname given to one of the owners by a young nephew, who as a toddler was unable to pronounce "Aunt Emily." 


For our business, "Me's" is really all about you.


"Me's" knows that great burgers & brews aren't enough, and we need you to help us build a great neighborhood spot you think of as your own. We want you to think of Me's as your own place - a place where you can author your own burger, relax by yourself and take some "Me Time." Maybe it's a place where you come to hang out with old friends or make new ones. Or perhaps, it's a place where you feel comfortable having a date night, anniversary or birthday celebration, or maybe it's just a Wednesday night out with the family to celebrate… well, Wednesday.


In our book, you are the most important character in our story.

In the end, Me is You.


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